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Why Seal Wood?

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Why is it important to SEAL all exterior wood structures with SEALWIZE?


Anything derived from a living or once-living organism is organic. Organic materials have many different qualities and uses. However, all organic materials have a common trait that sets them apart from other materials: they naturally decompose. Decomposition of organic material is inevitable. It is nature’s way of recycling organic matter.

“The problem of decomposition (rotting) can be avoided or attenuated through knowledge about the factors that affect wood. If wood structures are given proper care initially and maintained properly, they can be functional and structurally sound, as well as aesthetically pleasing, for decades.”   U.S. Forestry Service

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Exterior Wood, if Left Unprotected, is Severely Affected by the Harsh Elements of Nature!


Contamination comes in the form of food, dirt, pollen, animal waste and atmospheric pollution. The organic particulates provide food for MOLD, MILDEW, ALGAE and FUNGUS. They build up on the surface and also deep into the wood fiber, causing it to appear gray and grungy.

Contaminated Wood



(UV) rays bleach the wood fibers and break down the cell structure, helping to turn the wood GRAY.

Sunlight Contamination



FREEZE / THAW cycles, especially where water has penetrated the inner cellular layers, cause splintering and small cracks to widen, allowing even more moisture to enter.

Freeze Thaw Temp



Damp wood is a natural food source for mold, mildew, algae and fungus. This generally causes a black, green or gray discoloration on the surface. Many molds and mildews cause severe respiratory problems in humans.




Water is one of wood’s worst enemies. Whether in the form of vapor or liquid, water can cause SHRINKING and SWELLING, which can lead to DIMENSIONAL CHANGES of the wood and DEGRADATION of the finish. Water causes DECAY and ROT of the wood and EARLY FAILURE of sealers, stains and other finishes. Water also SHARPLY ACCELERATES the weathering of unprotected wood exposed outdoors.

See “Sealwize Wood Sealer
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