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“I love my new deck from Sealwize Coastal! My deck has never looked better. People STILL ask me if my deck is new; I just tell them it is the result of Sealwize Coastal’s hard work and amazing product. My deck is fully exposed to sun and rain. I’ve had it pressure washed before, but Sealwize made it look better than ever, and still through the hot sun and rain storms, it still looks just as good as the day Sealwize Coastal applied their product. I would recommend Sealwize Coastal to anyone, even my mom; in fact she purchased the system soon after I told her about my experience and she saw photos of my deck.”



“Romie and I enjoyed meeting you and we wish you continued success and prosperity.  Just know that success and prosperity will follow you with the incredible work ethic you display.  In this day and time, customer service is more important than products, work to be performed, etc.  Sealwize is a winner!”



“Sealwize did such an amazing job for my deck! Sealwize Coastal went over the treatment specifics, I knew right away that the money invested would be worth it! I look outside each day and still see the same color that it was when it was first built! Gorgeous! Thank goodness there is a product on the market that benefits my investment and my health!”



“The pride I feel in my Sealwize Coastal stained fence is nearly indescribable!   As a recent homeowner, one of the first projects desired was a top quality, durable, and lasting fence.  Soon after my fence installment, I knew I would need a superior product to uphold the quality of my recent wood fence investment.  The trained professionals of Sealwize arrived at my home on time and promptly began the staining process.  I was amazed at their efficiency and productivity.  I chose the natural wood stain, and remarkably enough, after 5 months, my fence still looks brand new!  I know that when potential buyers of my home are offered the warranty of a 30 year stained fence, with minimum to no maintenance, my property will stand out amongst the rest!  What an amazing difference this product has made to my property.  Thank you Sealwize Team!”



“I just wanted to “Thank You”  so much for a super job! Your work was very neat which makes me so happy. Your name and number are going out to my friends. Wishing you the best!”


The owner of the business came to do the estimate himself.  He also did all of the work himself.  He was very professional and explained in detail the product he used, how it worked and how he would clean the deck.  He was also prompt and ontime for all of our meetings.  He pressure washed the deck (including all of the railings and posts) to clean it and then sanded a few areas that needed extra “cleaning. This took about 3 hours.  The deck looked like a new deck once he was finished.  He then waited a couple of days to let the wood dry well before sealing the deck.  He sealed the deck with Sealwize Zerovoc Zr44 water replling wood sealer.  We chose clear to let the natural color of the wood show.
The owners of Sealwize Coastal have only had this business in Wilmington since the fall of 2011.  The owners of Sealwize Coastal provided us with references both locally and nationally (so that we could talk with someone whose deck was done more than a few months ago).   Supposedly, no pressure washing or resealing should be needed.
Our deck was done only two months ago, so I do not know yet whether it will last for years, as expected.  But so far the deck looks as good as it did the day the work was completed.
Overall, we had an excellent experience with this company.



That deck looks impressive!! The dark color is great next to the rock veneer.  Nice to have it done and ready for Denise’s parent visit next week starting this Saturday.  The sidewalk and driveway clean are very nice also.


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