Professional Pressure Washing & Wood & Concrete Seal

Protect Your Deck!

READY TO FIND THE SOLUTION FOR YOUR WOOD & CONCRETE THAT LASTS!!! We specialize in long term low maintenance sealant for wood and concrete. These state-of-the-art sealants last longer and look better than any product on the market without covering up the naturally beauty of your wood or concrete. These formulas were developed and formerly owned by NASA, from which they found practical and UNPARALLELED application for:


SEALWIZE is the EXCLUSIVE solution for individuals and families to enjoy their home without the fear of intensive yearly cleaning or even more costly replacement over time. Our maintenace and restoration process makes most surfaces look brand new!

See why sealing or staining your WOOD & CONCRETE is so important.

Schedule your FREE estimate TODAY on the right side of this page and STOP WORRYING about the yearly cost of routine maintenance!

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