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Never Seal Your Deck or Driveway Again!

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SEALWIZE COASTAL  offers EXCLUSIVE products to Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach and the surrounding region that comes with a  30 YEAR LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!  This type of guarantee is NON-EXISTENT  in other wood or concrete sealing products. This is possible through the “GREEN” Chemistry in SEALWIZE products. We understand that “ORGANIC” products & materials decompose and wear away. Those of you who reseal their deck every year or two know this to be true. SEALWIZE offers “INORGANIC” sealants that not only seal your wood and concrete, they DO NOT decompose, they DO STRENGTHEN your substrate, they DO REPEL water, ALLOW moisture to escape without damaging the seal or color, RETARDS mold and mildew that can appear on typical film forming products, MAINTAINS surface traction, and makes cleaning EFFORTLESS!

These SEALWIZE qualities allow us to offer you the opportunity to NEVER SEAL YOUR DECK or DRIVEWAY AGAIN!!!

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